Great Reads: The MOOC Revolution That Wasn’t

Here is a great article from techcrunch that along with offering several plugs for the author, Dan Friedman’s, compelling one-to-one education company, Thinkful, the writing offers three great suggestions to improve student retention and completion.

  1. One-on-one mentorship was long ago found to be dramatically more effective than group instruction.
  2. Second, retention marketing needs to be brought to learning.
  3. Third, new technologies enable methods of “learn by doing” that just weren’t possible before we could deliver immersive experiences to people’s laptops and phones.

He also warns against dumbing down courses to try to improve completion.

The future of online learning isn’t about accessibility: it’s about taking what we already know works offline and combining it with what you can only do online to create the most engaging experience

See the rest of the article here.


Notes for #Filmmaking and #eLearning Panel, TODAY! @ 6pm. Follow Live Tweets

As part of the Philadelphia Independent Film Festival & Philadelphia TechWeek, on Tuesday, April 21st, @eLearnermedia, and @PhilaIndie present a Panel Discussion & Collaborative Brainstorm: Will Online Education Transform Filmmaking?

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Some Questions to Prompt Conversation

Panelist Led Questions:

  • As a film educator, what student needs are the traditional model of film school falling short of addressing? (Summer)
  • From your experience using online education to learn about filmmaking, what has been helpful and what ed tech has really missed the mark? (Brittany)
  • Through the use of educational technology, how can the film business be more easily understandable to students? (Ben)

Open Discussion:

  • Without consideration of existing tech limitations, what would be some useful online learning or training tools that can be delivered anywhere on any device and would help film and video students in the field?
  • If all art forms require a deep understanding of what our forbearers accomplished, then how can online education be evolved to better teach the tradition of film and filmmaking?
  • What are benefits and pitfalls of online classes that are designed as massive open online courses (MOOCs)?
  • Considering the unique technical needs of filmmakers, how can educational technology be utilized at home, in the classroom, and in the field to offer more of a mentor and apprentice dynamic?
  • Discuss examples of video and filmmaking process that can’t be adequately addressed online.

Traditional Schools, Degree Programs, and other Schools With or Without Online Courses

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Online and Hybrid Programs

Asynchronous Classes and Massive Open Online Courses 



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