Udemy Course: “Your Writing Process”

Your Writing Process Screenshot

This course was intended to explore Udemy as a teaching platform and an LMS. My goal was to create a micro course that teaches the core process behind good writing and that can be applied to multiple disciplines for many different writing needs, both personal and professional. On this blog, I have written an article about my experience so far.

My biggest challenges were video and sound quality as my recording “studio” and equipment were very limited. I have been working very hard to remedy this issue for the two new courses that are in preproduction.

If you would like to check out the class, you can read about it on the Udemy website and I will be happy to send you a coupon to take the class for free if you email me at uwritingprocess@gmail.com.

On the welcome page is a promo video that I created for the course. I used Abobe Captivate for the visuals and the pre-recorded audio is from when I was creating the courseware.Promo Page

Here are some excerpts from reviews posted by students who have taken the course:

This course by Scott Kramer has been a life saver. In a relatively short course (1.5 hours) Scott walks you through a simple writing process and gives you an ‘over the shoulder’ view of an example throughout the course. –Omer

A very good course. It was well arranged and provided very useful resources. I learned many things that would make the writing process much easier. –Rosina

This is a great ‘nuts and bolts’ approach to writing. I picked up several great ideas to streamline my process.–Peter


Please check out the course and I would love to hear your feedback.





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