Moodle LMS: Composition I Experience

While teaching myself how to set up a course on Moodle, it seemed to make the most sense using the materials from an existing class since I have all the prompts, handouts, quizzes, and grading matrices already designed.

Mind you this Comp I course was laid out almost six months ago; as I revise it I will incorporate more multimedia using video and Adobe Captivate to offer a more interactive experience, especially with the testing.

Moodle-Comp I (1)

When I teach Composition I, the course is usually two things–an introduction to essay structure and the writing process and a survey of various writing styles.  As you can see from the weekly schedule the course begins with a descriptive essay then moves on to a narrative essay that incorporates description. These are both personal essays.

Typically after the midterm I shift the students to more expository writing, with a Rhetorical Analysis of a writing by usually Martin Luther King Jr. Then they use rhetorical tools to persuade their audience through an oral presentation which is a Review of a newer work from popular media. Finally, I end with a brief persuasive letter where they make an argument for how they think I should evaluate them for a final grade.

Here is a sample of a writing prompt used in the course:

Review Prompt

If you would like further access to the course, email me at, and I will forward you a username and password.


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