Captivate 8: Drag and Drop Silly Sentences Quiz

Silly Sentence Slide 1

As I was exploring the rapid authoring tools in Captivate 8, I began to think of ways that I can create an interactive narrative to reinforce new vocabulary for English Language Learners.

In jpeg form, I had a number of hand-drawn images from local artist, Siang Siang Kwa, who is creating a flash card series with Morning Circle Media.

As a first step towards this narrative project, I decided to create this silly sentence project. It is designed to follow up a vocabulary building exercise, and it is a listening exercise.  The students listen to the silly sentence audio and then drag and drop the correct “word image” to the space where the word is left out.  The sentences are intentionally a bit absurd to be entertaining and the intent is to measure word and image recognition with awareness of word context.

Silly Sentence Quiz Slide 2


If you would like to try the quiz and offer feedback, email me at for guest access to Adobe Captivate Demos  on my Moodle site.

Here is a video with most of the functionality. The student can also click the sun at any time to hear the sentence audio again. I await any feedback.


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